“It’s not important how clever individuals are; what really matters is how smart the collective brain is”.
Matt Ridley. Watch his 2010 TEDTalk, “When Ideas Have Sex.”
Through history, the engine of human progress and prosperity has been, and is, the mating of ideas. The sophistication of the modern world lies not in individual intelligence or imagination; it is a collective enterprise.
“Prosperity comes from everybody working for everybody else”.

Ready to Become a CX Laber?

This is not a new social network, nor a new private business club for members of an exclusive university, country or social-economic status. CX Lab wants to promote a global network of professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations around the challenges of digital transformation and best customer experience (CX).

Better CX =






We want to inspire and be inspired, we want to advise and be advised. But above of all we are passionate about co-developing and co-investing in new products, experiences and services capable of transforming and positively impacting the world we live in.

That’s why we created CX Lab as a world reference laboratory in best practices around CX, and a true Investment Platform, for all those who want to participate in our initiatives and propose new ones.

Ready to become a laber?

Ready to become a laber?

Our values


CX Lab is a space open to all professionals linked to the Customer Experience (CX) Innovation ecosystem, as well as to all companies that want to offer innovative experiences to their different audiences.


CX Lab is positioned as a space where all participants can contribute through their knowledge and experience, at the same time that they can benefit from the knowledge and experience of other members, thus creating an optimal environment for the collective development of business initiatives.


The CX Lab operating model is based on the freedom of the participants to get involved with the other members of the platform in initiatives that add value to the Customer Experience (CX) ecosystem, without the particular limitations or biases of any organization.


CX Lab is characterized by respect for each of the people and companies that make up our platform, offering an environment in which any shared contribution is welcome.


In its commitment to offer innovative models that have a positive social and economic impact in the form of Customer Experience (CX), CX Lab submits to a systematic quality control of any activity or initiative to ensure its value and validity.

Ready to become a laber?

Ready to become a laber?

Who are our MEMBERS

Freelance Consultants and Designers
Professional Companies
SMEs and Big Corporates
FinTech and Digital native companies
Open Banking API Platforms
Banking as a Service providers
Government and Public Institutions
Universities and Educational Platforms
Innovation and Research Organizations
Investor Community

Ready to become a laber?

Ready to become a laber?

Why become a Member?

We take our values seriously, that’s why we offer a Unique Bidirectional <> Platform. We truly believe in Collective Power and we need it for challenging the status of the world we want to live in. Ready to become a laber?

Membership Fee is FREE for the first 12 months

Ready to become a laber?

Ready to become a laber?