Expats have a variety of challenges and interests that they must handle when moving abroad. The journey begins when they plan to move to a new country but continues when they finally land and settle down in the new destination.


Our solution is an app based platform that provide a smart and cost-efficient aggregated solution for money management, settlement challenges and local inmersion services, while building agrowing global community.

CX Boosters

In a new technological context, where the value of the remote and the global but local are so relevant, XPATS has the opportunity to anchor in Embedded Finance API solutions, Human Centered designed features, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and extraordinary UX / UI to achieve the emotional connection and service that no longer only this niche, but the world demands.


Following the design and build co-creation stage, launching will take place in Q2 2021, after an exclusive pre-seed round invitation for CX Lab Members.